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Welcome to the IAAEM website

Since the mid-1990s , the International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management (IAAEM) has encouraged and fostered collaboration among economists, sociologists and other specialists in aquaculture. Our journal, Aquaculture Economics and Management, is published by Taylor & Francis, and as a subscriber you can access archived articles and information at the Taylor & Francis website.

IAAEM organize special sessions at international conferences of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), and updates on conferences and other IAAEM activities will be provided on our website and included in our e-mail newsletter for members.

Our current president is professor Frank Asche at the University of Stavanger, Department of Industrial Economics, University of Stavanger, N-4036 Stavanger, Norway. E-mail: Frank.Asche@uis.no.

Please email us at IAAEM@uaex.edu if you have any queries in relation to IAAEM or Aquaculture Economics & Management 

Call for abstracts

IAAEM special session, Triennial World Aquaculture Society meeting, New Orleans, March 7-11, 2019

Dear members,

International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management (IAAEM) invite you to submit abstracts for the Special Session on "Aquaculture Economics" to be held at 2019 World Aquaculture Society meeting. This special session will cover wide topics on aquaculture supply, demand, trade, marketing, and management.

The Triennial Aquaculture Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana is from March 7-11, 2019.
The deadline for abstract submission is Friday August 31, 2018.
One can submit your abstract with World Aquaculture Society at:  http://www.was.org/meetings/Abstracts/Default.aspx?code=AQ2019
When prompted for topic area, select “Aquaculture Economics” 
Please forward a copy of the submitted abstract as well as your questions to Frank Asche <frank.asche@ufl.edu> and Ganesh Kumar <gkk27@msstate.edu>.
Please circulate this to anyone who is interested in the discipline.
Published on 21.08.2018

Papers from Aquaculture Economics & Management 22(2) to Highlight

Bloznelis, D.  2018. Hedging Salmon Price Risk. Aquaculture Economics & Management 22(2):168-191.


High volatility of salmon prices increases financing costs. Bloznelis (2018) employed a new framework of hedging under square loss to hedge spot price uncertainty with salmon futures contracts using generalized classical minimum variance hedging while relaxing assumptions of known expected prices. It delivered satisfactory hedging performance, albeit constrained by low liquidity and was judged to be a moderately effective way of handling salmon price uncertainty.


Salazar, C.,  M. Jaime, Y. Figueroa, and R. Fuentes. 2018. Innovation in Small-scale Aquaculture in Chile. Aquaculture Economics & Management 22(2): 151-167.


Understanding the choices of small-scale aquaculture producers is critical to assist producers to integrate into food value chains. Salazar et al. (2018) used census data in Chile to develop Poisson and Tobit models to evaluate small-scale aquaculture producer choices related to innovation and intensity. Education, land tenure, production scale, internet access, and the number of other local innovators were identified as important in innovation choices.


Ngoc­­, P.T.A., D. Gaitán-Cremaschi, M. P. M. Meuwissen, T. C. Le, R. H. Bosma, J. Verreth, and A. O. Lansink. 2018. Technical Inefficiency of Vietnamese Pangasius Farming:A Data Envelopment Analysis. Aquaculture Economics & Management 22(2):229-243.


Vietnamese pangasius farming must produce efficiently to compete in world markets. Ngoc et al. (2018) investigated input- and output-specific technical inefficiency of Vietnamese pangasius farmers by first using a Russell type directional distance function and then applying a bootstrap truncated regression. Main challenges identified were inadequate use of capital and improper methods to achieve higher fish yield. Outcomes are useful for improving production efficiencies.

Published on 01.07.2018

2016 Aquaculture Economics & Management Best Paper Award Announced!

The International Association of Aquaculture Economics & Management is pleased to award its annual Best Paper Award for the 2016 volume of Aquaculture Economics & Management.  This award is presented annually to recognize and honor the best paper published each year in the journal Aquaculture Economics & Management.

For the 2016 volume, the winning article is:

Abate, T.G., R. Nielsen, & R. Tveterås. 2016. Stringency of Environmental Regulation and Aquaculture Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis. Aquaculture Economics & Management 20(2):201-221.

There is growing recognition of the negative effects of environmental regulations on the growth of aquaculture.  Abate et al. (2016) showed, in an analysis of 95 countries in all world regions, that the stringency of environmental regulations has a significant and negative effect on the growth of aquaculture.

Honorable Mention for the 2016 volume goes to:

Kankainen, M., J. Setälä, A. Kause, C. Quinton, S. Airaksinen & J. Koskela. 2016. Economic values of supply chain productivity and quality traits calculated for a farmed European whitefish breeding program. Aquaculture Economics & Management 20(2):131-164.

Congratulations to the authors.

Published on 30.03.2017

2016 Ph.D. Dissertation Award Announcement

The International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management (IAAEM) announces the 2016 Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Aquaculture Economics, Marketing, and Management. This Ph.D. Dissertation Award will recognize research excellence and contribution to the profession by a doctoral candidate in the area of aquaculture economics, marketing and management. The recipients of the award will receive an honorarium of $2,000 and reimbursement of $1,000 for travel to attend a professional aquaculture meeting*. An honorable mentioned dissertation will also receive a travel award.

For more information, see our Applications-page.

Published on 08.12.2016

IAAEM Ph.D. Award 2015

Dr. Ganesh Kumar Karunakaran and Dr. Pratheesh Omana Sudhakaran are the joint winners of the IAAEM PhD Dissertation Award 2015. The awards were given at the Aquaculture 2016 meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada, during February 22-26, 2016. These awards recognize their research excellence and contribution to the profession in the area of aquaculture economics, marketing and management.

Dr. Ganesh Kumar Karunakaran’s Dissertation is entitled “Economics and Adoption of Alternate Catfish Production Technologies” and was completed at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Dr Carole R. Engle was the major professor. This dissertation is a comprehensive look at a series of important questions related to the U.S. catfish industry's search for productivity-enhancing alternatives to increase competitiveness. Ganesh's economic analyses are likely to be used widely as extension personnel seek to guide farmers in their decisions to enhance farm productivity and competitiveness.

Dr. Pratheesh Omana Sudhakaran’s dissertation entitled “Three Essays on Shellfish Management in Rhode Island” was conducted at the Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics of the University of Rhode Island; Dr. Hirotsugu Uchida was the adviser. Three essays in Pratheesh’s dissertation were (1) Demand Analysis of Wild Harvested Shellfish in Rhode Island; (2) Economic Feasibility of Quahog Transplant Program in Rhode Island; and (3) Effect of Oyster Farm on Housing Price in Rhode Island. This dissertation is a very good example on how research can constructively contribute to the policy debate in a particular state, but framed the question and employed the methods that can be readily expanded elsewhere.

Published on 22.03.2016
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